How are S Corporations and C Corporations different?

Companies are one of the most common types of company in the world. In fact, most of the largest and most recognizable companies in the world companies: Nike, Microsoft and Coca-Cola are all examples of large, multi-national corporations. But, unsurprisingly, there are a wide range of different types of enterprises, depending on all kinds of symptoms. In the US, companies are divided into two types, based on tax :. C corporations and S companies, so called because of what taxes they file under section

Corporations are all defined by certain criteria communicated all such companies, namely:

  • Companies are owned by investors who buy shares on the stock market. Shares stock grant percentage of ownership.
  • While the company is owned by investors, day-to-day operations managed by a board of directors, elected by the investors themselves.
  • Investors have limited responsibility in the company. This means that they are only responsible up to the amount of the investment. Personal income and property is at risk if the company were to fail.
  • The company as a separate legal entity, which means that it can sue or be sued as if it were a real person.

These four characteristics describe almost all businesses, with a few exceptions (closely held corporation, for example, not shares sold in the market). However, the US tax code has different sections based on whether the company meets certain conditions.

S Corporations

Generally speaking, S companies do not pay taxes. Instead, the loss or dividends is divided among investors, who will then pay tax depends on the income. This avoids the problem of double taxation, which would occur if a company were taxed and the investor was taxed on the money he or she received from the investment. If that occurred, the same money would be taxed twice. These S corporations are much more regulated than their counterparts C. They can not have more than 100 investors, must be owned by US citizens, and can only issue one class of stock.

C Decision

Most of the larger companies are C companies (which are many smaller small businesses). C corporations pay taxes as a separate entity, which can often lead to problems of double taxation. If the company can not meet all the requirements for S corporations, it is automatically a C corporation.


Composition Corporations

In the business world, there are many types of businesses, business groups, and business technology. One of the most successful companies are businesses.

companies are usually large company that is run by a small group of people. This small group of people, or control, which makes most of the major decisions, can hire and fire key employees as CEO and a large part of the shares in the company.

However, as the market changes, evolving, and businesses adapt to these changes, there will be more splintered type of classification for companies. There are three main types of classification categories for companies, including

· closely held company vs. Public Company

· Non-profit vs. Profits

· benefit Corporation vs. Non-reciprocal Benefit Corporation

public companies

Public businesses are companies that decide that they want their stock traded in public markets. This allows anyone to buy shares in the company and have input into what goes on with business. This makes more money and more diversity to flow into the company. While this may be good, if a company goes public before it is good enough, then no one will buy a share and the company can go under. There are risks to go public, but it’s a calculated risk.

Non-Profit Vs. Profit Corporations

Although it may be self explanatory, most profit-making organizations, there are some companies that function as non-profit organizations. However, just because a company is non-profit does not mean that there is not a lot of money flowing through the bank accounts of the company. To be a non-profit organization, companies can make as much money as it wants, as long as expenses and not the profit.

benefit Corporations

become business does not necessarily mean that the company is doing it to get more input from shareholders, but instead can be formed solely for the benefit of board member of the company. In this case, it is these few members of the company who own all the stocks and get all the benefits and profits.


Unloved – Never Feel Alone Again

How many of you are unattached, single or just plain feeling you are in a loveless relationship? Do you feel your life is empty? Are you seeking love?

Authors, poets, song writers, and the like from the every age, have written more about love than Any Other emotion. Why do you supposes? Could it be Because love is the most sought-after aspect of the human condition?

Many believe aspects of the first emotion in life is love, beginning When someone flesh or Touches theme. Would you agree That someone, for instance, the doctor, Touches anyone the minute he or she is born? Therefore, if the doctor meets your first emotion of love, why do you still feel unloved?

Many people look outside Themselves to find the answers, such as to others or to organized religion. After all, just about Every religion speaks to the unconditional love of God, WHO encompasses all, Including the past, present, and future. We hear it every-day. God is love. Love is all we need. Love conquers all. Love is the answer. If That is the case, and God loved you Unconditionally, why did you not feel love?

Studies have shown That WHO infants are left alone for long periods become more prone to sickness. They are also more Likely to have learning and emotional disabilities. Therefore, is it love That we are seeking or the fact That we feel alone?

From my personal experiences, beginning as an infant, I felt all alone and isolated from others. I craved love. This condition predominantly pervaded my life until I came to a realization.

What was it? Charles Crooks is a shaman and spiritual adviser. One of his most prolific quotes is, “We are all part of the whole, and not separate.”

Considering his statement, it is impossible to be alone and unloved once you Realize That you are part of everything. Only under These Conditions can you be part of the love of God.


Plagiarism, Copyright and Fair Use

You love poem you saw online and would like to quote it in your book. But is it plagiarism? You want to provide a way in the book but you are not sure whether you need to get a license or not. What constitutes fair use and when do you need a license to use a copyrighted work?

All the time I see people steal from other people on the Internet by reposting their articles, stories, or photos. Before you post any other information on your website or use it in your book, you have to get a license. Yes, there are such things as public and fair use, but it is always best to be safe regardless. Before you decide to use something that belongs to someone else and risk angering that person and facing a potential lawsuit, ask yourself a few questions:

1. Do I really need this piece of information, poetry, cartoon, or whatever it is? Will my book or website to be fine without it?

2. This is part of the public?

3. If it is not in the public domain, I can use part of the Fair Use Act?

4. Can I rewrite or reword the piece and then reprint it?

5. Is to give credit enough?

Let’s look at each of these questions in detail.

Do I really need this piece of information? Will my book or website to be fine without it?

I can almost guarantee that each position information, documents, poems, cartoon, or whatever it is, is something you can do without. Why someone else’s property to show your own? Employ your phone cartoonist, artist, or write your own poems. If you can not do it, then look for one in public. However, if you absolutely want to hide something that is copyrighted, then be prepared to pay for it. You need to contact the owner or his or her heirs for permission, and you’ll probably write some kind of document promising you just have to use what you are given permission to do so. You also usually have to pay to use it, especially if it is for commercial purposes, such as in the book that you want to sell, and you’ll usually pay dear for it in the hundreds of dollars or more is not uncommon. At that price, you really need to include it in the book or on your website?

This is part of the public?

Just what constitutes the public? It varies by country and what kind of work it is. Today, authors, copyright in the United States for life plus 70 years, so if I were to die tomorrow, it will be in 2012, something that I would write copyrighted in 2082 However, copyright laws were more liberal in the past so some work may have shorter copyright has expired. As a rule, if the author or artist has been dead since 1941 or earlier, you are probably safe, but it still never hurts to investigate. Furthermore, while the old works like “Don Quixote” may be in the public domain, that does not mean the modern translation of the.

What constitutes fair use?

If the work is not in the public domain, a lot of the time you can still use a small part of it, if any, as well as a reference or a means, not usually go to the page. That said, a short work like poetry can not be used in its entirety despite the short length because you must use all your work, but you might be able to quote a verse or a verse of it. Even so, in such cases it is best to play it safe and ask for permission to quote a book or work on your own. What constitutes fair use depends on many conditions including: the purpose of its use, whether it is commercial or charitable, if the quote is used to promote the work as a book review, or if your use of the will hurt sales any other book because you can see too much information from him.

To go directly to the source, here’s what 1961 Report Register copyright General Review of US copyright law cites as an example of fair use

“quote passages in a review or criticism for explanation or comment; quotation short chapters in scholarly or technical work, for illustration or clarification of observations of the author, use in a parody of some of the content of the work parodied; summary of an address or article, with short quotations, in a news report, reproduction by the collection part of the work to replace part of a damaged copy; reproduction by a teacher or student of a small part of the work to show a lesson; reproduction of a work in legislative or judicial proceedings or reports; incidental and fortuitous reproduction, in a news reel or radio, the work located in the scene event reporting “(Source: ).

There are always fine lines in use someone else’s work. Even if you are sure that it falls under fair use law, if it is not in the public domain, it is best to ask for permission to use the work, and if it seems impractical, it is always best to consult a lawyer.

Can I rewrite or reword the piece and then print it?

You may paraphrase works by giving an overview of the basic idea, if you give credit to the source, but you can not rewrite someone else’s work and pass it off as your own, or even as their place it is rewritten. And even when you rephrase the idea, it is still an idea someone else (Intellectual property) so you have to give credit where it is due.

is to give credit enough?

No, it is not enough to give credit. You have permission to reprint as well, but as stated above, it is in the public domain. You must always give credit to the owner, whether it is the author, year of publication, artist, another website, etc. It is usually enough to state that the original creator or copyright holder of the work. For poetry, providing the title and author’s name. For the passage from a book, you state, “George Smith says in his book” Brilliant My ideas, “to:” It depends on your own book or a website, you may want to consult a repair manual on how best to quote the source. “The Chicago Manual of Style” is the preferred style guide to use for most books, but others are on the kind of book you’re writing, such as “Publication Manual American Psychological Association” (APA style) or “Christian Writers Manual Style . “If you get a license to reproduce copyrighted material, be sure to ask the owner how are you referring to permission to reprint the work.

Always find out if work is copyrighted and always give credit where it is due. Then you will avoid the problem of fair use infringement of copyright infringement and plagiarism later come back to haunt you.


Cyber ​​Security Strategy – The 4 Laws of Information


Technology infrastructure is today a critical asset with all digital business information being the new currency. What are the risks to sensitive business information and the associated vital assets? What are your security blind spots? Cyber ​​security is about applying the appropriate defense to protect critical company assets. Businesses today are highly dependent on technology to provide services, interact with customers and manage the supply chain. What is cyber security technology to ensure that you maintain adequate vigilance against cyber threats? We introduce the four laws of information security – these laws provide insight valuable for organizations to develop their security strategy

We start our journey by diving head first into the defenses .. So much can be learned from one of the studied material all the time. We look at the internal and external defense capabilities human body is primed to attack viruses and bacteria. We analyze the immune response to fight disease through a complex system involving special white blood cells and action of the lymphatic system that include vessels and nodes that extend around the entire body. The human body provides an excellent case study in fighting threats in the journey from prevention to diagnosis.

We reflect on human body defenses to better understand core components of Cyber ​​security establishment . Cyber ​​security company established important security priorities aligned with the business mission to make a coherent defense capability. As the human body, have cyber defense capabilities to be robust, roving and lead ultimately to a resilient enterprise that is primed to address active, passive threats that may be inside or outside.

With information being the new currency of all businesses, we examine the requirements make technical architecture that is self-healing, highly resilient to threats that can be seriously disruptive to business processes. This is especially important since threats today are more sophisticated, increasingly covert and highly targeted against a technology architecture whose edges are stretched as a direct result of Web-based applications, mobile computing and virtualization. It is about establishing a cyber security strategy that is tailored to your business and the risks that must be handled appropriately.


Cyber ​​Detectives: What do you Call


The Cyber ​​detective agency, said often people we are the last one that you want to call.

You remember the old joke. “You know you’re having a bad day when Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes shows up at your door step” …

Unfortunately, the same is true in our business, but fortunately, most people need not to hire a private detective to the Internet will be very ugly for them. Best show, let me just give you some examples of how badly the Internet has been for some and the courses of action to help fix it.

In one recent case, a US Corporation was oppressed in over $ 1 million dollars, the group had negative information and was threatening to expose it around the world, with the push of a button. Quite frankly, there are not many companies around that does not have some kind of information, including trade secrets, it would be devastating if openly exposed on the Internet.

In another case, the client was attacked by blocking install defamatory site aims to destroy at the Cancer Center and direct business. The attacks were totally unfair and was a significant barrier to more customers. For something as serious as cancer treatment, the potential customer center is going to investigate their reputation online and come across this very negative (and false) information. Obviously, the center must somehow respond and defend their reputation

For further date me, this is like an old rerun of the movie Ghostbusters :. “? Who you going to call when the Internet turns nasty” A cyber detective who is who.

Frankly, for most customers, they are really upset by the time they stumble way into the internet detective agency because they have not been able to make any progress elsewhere.

What town detective can do for you is to first really help you understand the realistic possibilities. These options can range all the way to identify the attackers, to establish a chain of evidence for litigation support, to develop issues that can then be police then take action.

To achieve these goals, high-tech investigators should keep a set of skills and software that are just not available to the average person, a company, a lawyer, or even the police. When people depend on the Internet, they usually do not “write his name” for details. So, even if the injured party “VITA” is making attacks, they often can not prove it. This is the role that good, licensed detective can help you, especially one with an extensive cyber training.


Florida Criminal Lawyer


As crime and criminal are growing faster, so there is no need to check this speed. Whenever a person gets affected by these criminals, he looks for a lawyer to protect him. These people trust lawyers to a large extent. In Florida, in fact, many criminal lawyers. They are best known for their case work policies and effective background. Some names are Bruce James Bryant Bowles, Chasterfield Smith, Juan Ramirez, Michael Mcdnnell, Roy Black, Tim Howard. All of these are very successful and well known. They practiced a lot and won a number of issues.

Bruce R. Jacob was Assistant Attorney General for the state of Florida in 1960. He worked on various issues, the biggest issue was Gideon v. Wainwright, arguing against Gideon. After leaving work, Jacob worked as a private lawyer firm in Holland, Bevis & Smith, now Holland & Knight in Bartow and Lakeland in Florida. He at that time completed his LL. M. degree in Northwestern University, and joined the faculty of Emory University School of Law, where he founded the legal aid for inmates Program at the Atlanta prison.

In 1969, James was appointed by the Supreme Court, counsel for the petitioner in Kaufman v. United States case. He worked as a Research Associate at the center of the criminal investigation, assisted in the creation of Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Project. He then worked as a professor and director of Clinical Program at Ohio State University College of Law, Dean and professor at Mercer University School of Law.

Bryant William Bowles Jr. white bitterly opposed racial integration of public schools in the United States. He joined the Marine camps in 1939, was trained as a bugler, and served in World War II and the Korean War as Corpal.

Michael McDonnell is a Florida civil and criminal trial lawyer that clients have included film legend Hedy Lamarr, baseball hall of Famer Gaylord Perry and members of the band Rush. Recurrences have been featured on Court TV, where he is also a guest commentator.


Criminal Law Questions – How Do Bail Bonds Work


When a person is arrested for a crime, the judge will set bail amount based on the severity of the crime and previous criminal history of the defendant. If the defendant is unable to pay the bail amount, they will be in prison until the scheduled court appearance. This is a problem for people who get arrested. One often has work and family obligations, and be locked up for the long term could bring difficulties. People who find themselves in this difficult situation requires bail bonds in order to get out of detention soon.

A bail bond is secured between the court and the bail bond craftsman or bonding company. The bond guarantees that the defendant will come to court before the scheduled appearance. If the arrested party does not come to court those responsible for paying a guaranteed amount of bail bond marksman. Many companies seek bail bond insurance for the high bail amount of the bond craftsman must pay a deposit for the no-show defendant.

fee to ensure bonding agent is 10% of the total amount set by the court. Most state governments set legal amount of bail bonds company can charge. For example, if bail is set at $ 50,000 the defendant would pay $ 5,000 to the bail bond marksman. Fee to rescue bond craftsman is non-refundable and covers the services provided to ensure guaranteed. Most low-cost rescue sums do not need insurance.

Usually it is a friend, relative or loved one who makes first contact with the bail bonds company on behalf of the defendant. Been arrested or detained loved one is always stressful. It can also be very traumatic. Drugs must deal with stressed customers everyday and are often willing to help speed the process along. The bond craftsman will ask basic information to start processing bonds. Will the agent ask for the full name of the arrested person’s date of birth, prison name, city, because he or she was arrested, and the amount of bail set by the court. A bail bond craftsman can help to provide information that may be unknown.

Some people are surprised to learn that insurance is not considered a source of income for the state, nor is it set to punish the defendant. It truly is just an incentive to get the defendant to appear in court without trying to run from the law. In most cases, the fee bond craftsman is relatively affordable and will not change significantly defendants finances. Pay bail bond craftsman is much more affordable than pay bail or be locked up for weeks. Get bond from a reputable insurance company can be a quick process with minimal effort.


The Law of Attraction and Vibration as it relates to the Corporations


There has been much written about the law of vibration and attraction in recent years, with most of it related to individual personal development. In fact, this law says that like attracts like. If you think mainly about the good things life will be good and vice versa. If you feel good most of the time and are really pleased that you will attract similar people and favorable circumstances.

Huge numbers have been working on themselves to improve their relationships, finances, health and other goals with this technology. While many people get disappointed because the results may take some time to guide the implementation of change thinking habits. One of the issues that may affect the success and frustrate people relationship between the conscious and sub-conscious thoughts.

conscious and sub-conscious Thoughts

We have much more activity sub-conscious thoughts the conscious ones. That is, changes can only concentrate conscious thoughts, which means that it may take some time before the sub-conscious thoughts fall into line. For example, if George wants a new job that pays $ 15,000 PA more than the current one, he will spend time thinking about the new situation in as much detail as he can. He will then translate these thoughts emotions to add emotion and he is on his way to achieve his goal. However, a small voice in my head says George, “what makes you think you can earn $ 75,000 a year?”

George need not only the discipline to ignore consciousness of his thoughts, he will also have the tenacity to continue this thinking even though nothing seems to be happening in the sub-conscious of his mind gets the message and begins to support the cause. Obviously, this is a different experience for all of us as we all have different “database” that need to be re-programmed, however, consistent positive thinking.

Where do Vibrations come into it?

We have all entered the room and said “what is happening here” because you can feel that something is wrong. Likewise, you can turn up at a friend’s house and stay in a place full of energy and know it’s going to be a great night. This experience vibration. You will see people sitting together having in-depth serious conversation and others who can not stop laughing long enough to say very much at all. The subject may be similar or even the same. Vibration is a factor that attracts one person to another. There is a feeling that people start to decide on a course of action. Does it feel right?

How does this affect the company?

Imagine the impact on the business if most of the employees were thinking negative thoughts about the future of the company either conscious or sub-conscious level. What would it feel like to work there? What would it feel like for visitors to enter the building?

The common connection of this phenomenon is simply the sum of the individual vibration level, ie positive or negative thoughts and emotions. Which means that if the majority of people are not happy in their work, not only do they suffer in any way as individuals, as a group effect is also created. Because the company is made up of people and it stands to reason that the results of the Agency will also be affected, either positively or negatively. This is part of the culture of the organization. The probability of a positive thinking person is reduced to a large negative culture is very low. It will be difficult to change this culture when it has momentum. Even if they do make a start with this organization, they will either become like other over time, or leave. Likewise mostly negative-thinking individual feel displaced in a positive environment and will either see it as an opportunity to change or leave.

How can management use this information?

Administrators can not see what people are thinking. What they can do is feel it and hear it. First of all, it is important that the manager has a good idea of ​​how they are thinking because if they are thinking mainly negative thoughts, they will find it very difficult to identify any issues that affect the organization. So operators need to first work on himself to ensure that they have control over their thoughts and are able to bring positive change through persistent thoughts on the level of detail and with emotion that leads to the manifestation extent. If a company has Mangers in senior positions who can not make it they will simply not achieve their goals and the employees have little opportunity for individual success. This is due to three main factors:

1. Employees will not have a role model

2. The manager will be unable to identify the problem and training individuals

3. The manager will not be able to drive positive change

How does the Organization deal with this?

A company that is experiencing difficulties due to a negative culture has two options:

1. Use external source to replace key management

2. Employing advice to identify and address the issues of

Either one of them is fine as long as the people involved know what they are doing. One of the main aspects of the law itself, so if current management is an external help, they want to attract? It can take a very brave senior management knows or suspects that he / she is part of the problem to appoint the right people for the task of changing the culture of the organization. Sometimes we find that the board makes this decision, rather than relying on the existing management. Even then, the Law is still working in the same way it always does, as will attract like.


Corporations need to embrace this Law and help employees to understand it better. Companies can help employees to control their thoughts by this topic in training and curriculum development. In doing so, if a company learns how to align individual goals and in the organization, they will have motivated employees who walks to reach their own goals which are believed to be achieved working within the corporate framework.

This is not as easy as it sounds, because first of all managers need to lead this change and it will take a lot of discipline before individuals and the agency will see the desired results. A corporation shall examine the benefits of the organization before heading down this path to ensure that management understand what investment is required before employees will be happy, highly motivated and able to deliver performance that is above average expectations.

The four main focus areas for the company in terms of legal Vibration and Attraction are the

1. Make sure you are really happy management in place, which are able to start thinking and bring positive change

2. Understand the current culture and take steps to improve it

3. Personal goals and thinking training in developing your programs

4. Start aligning personal goals with the organization

happy workforce as well as the ability to set goals and think them implementing equal positive environment that generates positive results. How well is your business to manage this now and what, if anything needs to be changed?


European Union, a multinational company and Eurozone


The European Union

The European Union (EU) is a supranational and intergovernmental alliance of 27 countries. It was founded in 1992 by the Maastricht Treaty. EU level 5 (As the economic and monetary union level) on continued public economic integration. Considered a whole, the European Union has the largest economy in the world; it has grown around 2.8% on the year so far this century. In 2006 it was estimated that 3.5 million jobs were created in the euro area.


multinationals are considered stateless enforcement agencies globalization and lead to the emergence of a more comprehensive enterprise culture (which may take advantage of the EU). Multinational companies would rise above a particular nation and its culture. This would effectively make the national identity of the MNC useless, as they are considered stateless. When operating within Europe, it is believed Euro Company albeit origin. Multinational companies are considered inter organizational network that allows the transfer of knowledge and best practices across functional boundaries. It is expected that multinational companies, functional structures are transformed into network connections that are less centralized and not simply coordinated from headquarters. They are also said to initiate changes in the external environment (ie the market).

despite widespread criticism of multinational companies, they have made an unparalleled contribution to the development of Eastern Europe in the last 15 years. They have brought opportunities to the young, improving working conditions, saved communities from poverty, rehabilitated corrupt banking system and suggested modern telecommunications. Exports have driven economic growth; their presence has increased civil society. The effects have not always been positive, but their power and might, if effectively applied, can help overcome poverty elsewhere too.

The Eurozone

The Eurozone is a subset of EU Member States that have adopted the euro, creating a currency union. Monetary policy is controlled by the European Central Bank. The introduction of the single currency within a given area usually has economic benefits and economic costs. A single currency eliminates the ability to set prices between different economic areas through changes in the exchange rate. Previously, countries were able to set the price in order to negate any economic shock. However, the labor movement has been approved so people are able to move from different areas within the region is suffering from the economic recession to one that is desirable. Also, the single currency reduces transaction costs for the cost of buying and selling products there is no need to exchange currency. Multinational companies (euro or company for that matter, which is really a European multinational company), operating in a number of different currencies, would see a significant reduction in cost of revenue and general management costs would be reduced significantly. Foreign currency exchange risk and the cost of confusion these risks are also considered high cost of multinational corporations; this is out of the adoption of a common currency. Finally, the European Central Bank can focus on its primary objectives; control prices and to control inflation, the Central Bank has generally no political influence.