Criminal Law Questions – How Do Bail Bonds Work


When a person is arrested for a crime, the judge will set bail amount based on the severity of the crime and previous criminal history of the defendant. If the defendant is unable to pay the bail amount, they will be in prison until the scheduled court appearance. This is a problem for people who get arrested. One often has work and family obligations, and be locked up for the long term could bring difficulties. People who find themselves in this difficult situation requires bail bonds in order to get out of detention soon.

A bail bond is secured between the court and the bail bond craftsman or bonding company. The bond guarantees that the defendant will come to court before the scheduled appearance. If the arrested party does not come to court those responsible for paying a guaranteed amount of bail bond marksman. Many companies seek bail bond insurance for the high bail amount of the bond craftsman must pay a deposit for the no-show defendant.

fee to ensure bonding agent is 10% of the total amount set by the court. Most state governments set legal amount of bail bonds company can charge. For example, if bail is set at $ 50,000 the defendant would pay $ 5,000 to the bail bond marksman. Fee to rescue bond craftsman is non-refundable and covers the services provided to ensure guaranteed. Most low-cost rescue sums do not need insurance.

Usually it is a friend, relative or loved one who makes first contact with the bail bonds company on behalf of the defendant. Been arrested or detained loved one is always stressful. It can also be very traumatic. Drugs must deal with stressed customers everyday and are often willing to help speed the process along. The bond craftsman will ask basic information to start processing bonds. Will the agent ask for the full name of the arrested person’s date of birth, prison name, city, because he or she was arrested, and the amount of bail set by the court. A bail bond craftsman can help to provide information that may be unknown.

Some people are surprised to learn that insurance is not considered a source of income for the state, nor is it set to punish the defendant. It truly is just an incentive to get the defendant to appear in court without trying to run from the law. In most cases, the fee bond craftsman is relatively affordable and will not change significantly defendants finances. Pay bail bond craftsman is much more affordable than pay bail or be locked up for weeks. Get bond from a reputable insurance company can be a quick process with minimal effort.


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