Unloved – Never Feel Alone Again

How many of you are unattached, single or just plain feeling you are in a loveless relationship? Do you feel your life is empty? Are you seeking love?

Authors, poets, song writers, and the like from the every age, have written more about love than Any Other emotion. Why do you supposes? Could it be Because love is the most sought-after aspect of the human condition?

Many believe aspects of the first emotion in life is love, beginning When someone flesh or Touches theme. Would you agree That someone, for instance, the doctor, Touches anyone the minute he or she is born? Therefore, if the doctor meets your first emotion of love, why do you still feel unloved?

Many people look outside Themselves to find the answers, such as to others or to organized religion. After all, just about Every religion speaks to the unconditional love of God, WHO encompasses all, Including the past, present, and future. We hear it every-day. God is love. Love is all we need. Love conquers all. Love is the answer. If That is the case, and God loved you Unconditionally, why did you not feel love?

Studies have shown That WHO infants are left alone for long periods become more prone to sickness. They are also more Likely to have learning and emotional disabilities. Therefore, is it love That we are seeking or the fact That we feel alone?

From my personal experiences, beginning as an infant, I felt all alone and isolated from others. I craved love. This condition predominantly pervaded my life until I came to a realization.

What was it? Charles Crooks is a shaman and spiritual adviser. One of his most prolific quotes is, “We are all part of the whole, and not separate.”

Considering his statement, it is impossible to be alone and unloved once you Realize That you are part of everything. Only under These Conditions can you be part of the love of God.


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