The Law of Attraction and Vibration as it relates to the Corporations


There has been much written about the law of vibration and attraction in recent years, with most of it related to individual personal development. In fact, this law says that like attracts like. If you think mainly about the good things life will be good and vice versa. If you feel good most of the time and are really pleased that you will attract similar people and favorable circumstances.

Huge numbers have been working on themselves to improve their relationships, finances, health and other goals with this technology. While many people get disappointed because the results may take some time to guide the implementation of change thinking habits. One of the issues that may affect the success and frustrate people relationship between the conscious and sub-conscious thoughts.

conscious and sub-conscious Thoughts

We have much more activity sub-conscious thoughts the conscious ones. That is, changes can only concentrate conscious thoughts, which means that it may take some time before the sub-conscious thoughts fall into line. For example, if George wants a new job that pays $ 15,000 PA more than the current one, he will spend time thinking about the new situation in as much detail as he can. He will then translate these thoughts emotions to add emotion and he is on his way to achieve his goal. However, a small voice in my head says George, “what makes you think you can earn $ 75,000 a year?”

George need not only the discipline to ignore consciousness of his thoughts, he will also have the tenacity to continue this thinking even though nothing seems to be happening in the sub-conscious of his mind gets the message and begins to support the cause. Obviously, this is a different experience for all of us as we all have different “database” that need to be re-programmed, however, consistent positive thinking.

Where do Vibrations come into it?

We have all entered the room and said “what is happening here” because you can feel that something is wrong. Likewise, you can turn up at a friend’s house and stay in a place full of energy and know it’s going to be a great night. This experience vibration. You will see people sitting together having in-depth serious conversation and others who can not stop laughing long enough to say very much at all. The subject may be similar or even the same. Vibration is a factor that attracts one person to another. There is a feeling that people start to decide on a course of action. Does it feel right?

How does this affect the company?

Imagine the impact on the business if most of the employees were thinking negative thoughts about the future of the company either conscious or sub-conscious level. What would it feel like to work there? What would it feel like for visitors to enter the building?

The common connection of this phenomenon is simply the sum of the individual vibration level, ie positive or negative thoughts and emotions. Which means that if the majority of people are not happy in their work, not only do they suffer in any way as individuals, as a group effect is also created. Because the company is made up of people and it stands to reason that the results of the Agency will also be affected, either positively or negatively. This is part of the culture of the organization. The probability of a positive thinking person is reduced to a large negative culture is very low. It will be difficult to change this culture when it has momentum. Even if they do make a start with this organization, they will either become like other over time, or leave. Likewise mostly negative-thinking individual feel displaced in a positive environment and will either see it as an opportunity to change or leave.

How can management use this information?

Administrators can not see what people are thinking. What they can do is feel it and hear it. First of all, it is important that the manager has a good idea of ​​how they are thinking because if they are thinking mainly negative thoughts, they will find it very difficult to identify any issues that affect the organization. So operators need to first work on himself to ensure that they have control over their thoughts and are able to bring positive change through persistent thoughts on the level of detail and with emotion that leads to the manifestation extent. If a company has Mangers in senior positions who can not make it they will simply not achieve their goals and the employees have little opportunity for individual success. This is due to three main factors:

1. Employees will not have a role model

2. The manager will be unable to identify the problem and training individuals

3. The manager will not be able to drive positive change

How does the Organization deal with this?

A company that is experiencing difficulties due to a negative culture has two options:

1. Use external source to replace key management

2. Employing advice to identify and address the issues of

Either one of them is fine as long as the people involved know what they are doing. One of the main aspects of the law itself, so if current management is an external help, they want to attract? It can take a very brave senior management knows or suspects that he / she is part of the problem to appoint the right people for the task of changing the culture of the organization. Sometimes we find that the board makes this decision, rather than relying on the existing management. Even then, the Law is still working in the same way it always does, as will attract like.


Corporations need to embrace this Law and help employees to understand it better. Companies can help employees to control their thoughts by this topic in training and curriculum development. In doing so, if a company learns how to align individual goals and in the organization, they will have motivated employees who walks to reach their own goals which are believed to be achieved working within the corporate framework.

This is not as easy as it sounds, because first of all managers need to lead this change and it will take a lot of discipline before individuals and the agency will see the desired results. A corporation shall examine the benefits of the organization before heading down this path to ensure that management understand what investment is required before employees will be happy, highly motivated and able to deliver performance that is above average expectations.

The four main focus areas for the company in terms of legal Vibration and Attraction are the

1. Make sure you are really happy management in place, which are able to start thinking and bring positive change

2. Understand the current culture and take steps to improve it

3. Personal goals and thinking training in developing your programs

4. Start aligning personal goals with the organization

happy workforce as well as the ability to set goals and think them implementing equal positive environment that generates positive results. How well is your business to manage this now and what, if anything needs to be changed?


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