Regulation of Private Military and Security Companies


Private Military Companies and Private Security Companies cover a large area of ​​operation in the world today. They provide services to almost every part of society, including people, organizations, government offices and monuments. Their presence at every step generated the need for rules. In order to regulate Private Military companies and security companies, the government should:

1. Establish a licensing system with clear standards and contracting process for private military companies and security companies and individuals working for them.

2. Define prohibited activities and clearly manage all permitted activities.

3. Define the essential minimum of transparency and accountability of companies and in terms of preparation, training and behavior of companies and their employees.

4. Set rules and systems for screening and vetting of the companies and their employees.

5. Establish a monitoring system for private Military Companies and Private Security business activities.

6. Bring parliamentary oversight.

7. Set rules enable contracting authorities competitive, fair and transparent to the public.

8. Ensuring financing of all measures needed to rule.

As Private Military and Security Companies Company generated commercial industry, there is a need for international participation, too. Because of the position of this industry under international law is, at best, vague, explanations, and change it, international law in connection with the PMC and PSC is required. Proposals to, from and update the 1989 UN Assembly International Convention against the requirement, use, financing and training of mercenaries, creating a body of the UN that controls and penalties private military and security companies, establish an international register of the collected statements of both immigrants and Exporters services offered by this company.

Laws will be developed that provide control for various legal and jurisdiction issues the industry has increased. A key necessary to extend the legal clarity of the questions that can work for this company, which companies can work to which legal code control and the parties to investigate, prosecute, and punish any wrongdoing in any state. In and ideal arrangement, states will coordinate their efforts and take the regional organizations to maximize coverage in order to facilitate the way to international standards.


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