How to Protect Ebook your copyright


So, you’ve just finished your brand new book, and you want to make sure it is not copied or distributed without permission.

Basically, you want to protect the “rights to copy” ebook or, as it is more commonly known, your copyright.

Before we begin, I must point out that this information is only intended to serve as an introduction to the concept of copyright. Keep in mind that I am not a lawyer. If you have any doubts about the copyright, you should seek legal advice

Well, let’s start …

Part 1 :. Putting Your Copyright

As we have just seen, copyright is the name given to the protection of the ‘right to copy’ your writing.

When you own the copyright of a work, you have the exclusive right to reproduce any number of copies of the work in any way you choose. You can also, if desired, concentration ‘copy right’ to others.

When you create a script, then work your copyright applies automatically. You do not need to formally register the copyright in order for it to legally. In fact, you do not even put a copyright statement of work.

Having said that, it is still a good idea to formally register your copyright.

In the event that someone has stolen you work, have registered copyright may right to claim compensation from the offender. If you have not officially registered work, the legal recourse can be much harder.

For a more detailed examination of this important point, and others, I recommend reading articles available website.

If you do not want to invest money formal registration of copyright, then the next section, or you …

Part 2: The minimum you should do

If you are reluctant to pay the fees, there are other steps you can take to ensure that the world knows what the work. In fact, you should follow these steps, even if you register copyrights.

Including copyright statement in your book is no guarantee that your work will not be stolen. There is also no guarantee that you will be able to recover royalties or income loss of someone who illegally distributes or sells your book.

However, it stamps the work as being yours. It makes it clear that those who might be tempted to copy what they do not have that right.

Here is an example of a copyright statement that you can use …

Copyright © 2009 Your name (or company name).

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced or sell

Note :. Some use (c) (the letter “c” in parentheses) instead of the official copyright symbol © (the letter “C” surrounded by a circle). In some countries the law does not recognize this as an official copyright symbol – it is not certain that the court will accept this. You should always write the word “Copyright” in full as part of your statement and you should always use the official symbol.

Another step you can take is to include copyright page in the book. Take a look at the copyright information in any book (or paper book) for ideas on what you should include on your page.

One last idea might be useful (from a legal point of view) is to print out a copy of the ebook on paper and save a copy of a storage device such as a USB key.

Place both a printed copy of the book along with the USB key in an envelope and then send it to yourself by registered mail. Be sure to keep the receipt for the post. Then, when the package comes to your home, put it away in a safe place (with proof) without opening it.

This is proof that you had a document in your possession on the date of mailing. If you do this before ebook goes ‘live’ then you’re sure that no one can have a copy of your work for this date.

Well, I hope this has helped you understand a little better the question of copyright.

Before signing off, here are some websites where you can learn more …

-The Publishing Law Center:

-The Copyright Website:


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